How to wipe out hegemony in Northeast China? Late king? 3x3 makes
In the 3×3 Golden League in 2020, too many players left a deep impression on us. Guo Hanyu, who dominates the competition, Qu Yang, an immortal veteran, Fang min, who returns from the king, and Feng fan, who interprets the spirit of sports. But if you want to say who is the most interesting player, you have to vote for Cheng Nan. In 2020, he will play three times, representing three different teams. Every time, we can “rely on our ability” to become the focus of attention. Time to go back to the semi-final match of 3×3 gold league Shenyang station in 2020, Dalian China Hong Kong education team against Yijia food team. The game played for 4 minutes, and the one family food team had a 14-3 lead. It seems that it’s only a matter of time before they reach the final. The strength gap between Dalian China Hong Kong education team with only three players is obvious, and there is no chance to win. But in Dalian

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