Holiday medical surgery appointment full, institutions push these stocks, public and private tycoons get together layout
Financial Association (Shanghai, researcher Yao Hui) news, May Day holiday medical market hot. According to media reports, a reporter went to a number of medical beauty and plastic surgery hospitals in Shanghai and found that a large number of people made plastic surgery appointments before and during the May Day festival, and the operation time of gold medal doctors was basically full. In terms of capital market, many big bull stocks have emerged in the medical and beauty sector in recent months, such as golden hair Rabbi, langzi, East China medicine and aoyuanmeigu. Zhu Guoguang of Soochow Securities pointed out in the research report released on April 25 that he continued to see more medical beauty in an all-round way, and focused on recommending AMEC, East China medicine and other stocks. Zhu Guoguang believes that girl needle / child beauty needle / hyaluronic acid / botulinum toxin will continue to enter the market, and the supply of high-quality products will help accelerate the medical and beauty industry. In the face value economy, Yimei racetrack is favored by the capital market, and the stock prices of upstream and downstream targets continue to rise. The current stage of our country

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