Taishan team 2 will not pull the hip in the midfield vice tank, Hao Wei points out the embarrassing key, sun zhunhoe is affected
From 1-0, to 1-1, to 2-1, 2-2. Shandong Taishan team took the lead twice, but failed to hold the goal. Shenzhen team shot 14 goals madly, and Wang Dalei worked very hard to get one point for Taishan team. Taishan team only shot four times in the whole field, and scored two goals in two times. It was not easy to draw in the second half when they were surrounded by their opponents. After the game, a number of reporters have been trying to trap Hao Wei. They asked him whether the absence of the three international players had a great impact. Hao Wei’s answer was also very cautious. Hao Wei thought it must have an impact, but he told the players that he would win the game no matter whether the main players were there or not. Hao Wei finally mentioned that he didn’t replace Tian Xin in his hesitation. He felt that the team’s attack in the middle was weak, and he wanted to do something in the middle. When it comes to the side road

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