The pre-sale of love letter opens up the atmosphere of watching movies and continues to heat up
The pre-sale of “love letter” opens the viewing atmosphere and continues to heat up. The “taste of secret love” always makes people remember that the classic love film “love letter” directed by Junji Iwai and starred by Mizuho Nakayama, Yoshi togawa, Miki Sakai and Chongbo Hara will be released soon. Recently, the film has held a “taste of secret love” themed viewing venue in Beijing and Shanghai. Many audiences walked into the cinema ahead of time to “meet again” with the film “love letter”. The innocent secret love in the film makes many people recall their first heart in their youth. During the movie, the audience is constantly moved to tears. Since its release, the film “love letter” has been the highest score love film in Douban Asia. The youth pure love classic film, which is a must see in life, will be released nationwide on May 20, and the pre-sale has started. The ultimate secret love is exciting and people can’t help crying

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