Fans' comments on Lord of the rings 3: spectacular and shocking
Sina entertainment news on May 15, Xiaolang led the members of the Beijing delegation to watch the movie “Lord of the rings: the king is invincible” in advance. 16 users participated in this fan review, with a comprehensive score of 9.8. The following is a summary of the selected impressions of the participants in this issue: @ back to the year of 97, 10 points. Thank you very much @ Sina film group for organizing this film viewing, so that I can successfully complete the film viewing of the trilogy. I’m a fan of the Lord of the rings. It’s really amazing to watch the final chapter in IMAX movie hall! Three hours and 20 minutes, I don’t think it’s too long to watch. The smooth opening of the Quaternary period in the Middle Earth world is inseparable from everyone’s efforts. The trilogy is closely linked. The third part discusses that greed and desire are always between thoughts. The entanglement of Gollum makes people laugh and cry. Ring protectors

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