Overseas media: China sincerely invites representatives of Palestine and Israel to negotiate in China
Reference News Network reported on May 18 that foreign media said that China was willing to let Palestine and Israel hold peace talks in China at a time when the United Nations warned that the escalating violence between Israel and Palestine might trigger an “irresistible” crisis in the region. Beijing, May 16 (TASS) – Chinese State Councilor and foreign minister Wang Yi said on May 16 that China called on Palestine and Israel to cease fire and violence in order to solve the Palestinian issue and achieve lasting peace in the Middle East. At the emergency open meeting of the UN Security Council on the Palestinian Israeli conflict held by video, Wang Yi said that the international community must take urgent action to prevent the situation from further worsening, prevent the region from falling into turmoil again and safeguard the lives and safety of the local people. Only a comprehensive, just and lasting solution to the Palestinian issue can be achieved in the Middle East

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