The CIF price index of China's crude oil imports from May 10 to 16 was 99.89 points
Shpgx Guide: on May 19, the global trade monitoring and analysis center of the General Administration of customs and the Shanghai oil and gas Trading Center released the CIF index of China’s crude oil imports. From May 10 to May 16, 2021, the CIF index of China’s crude oil imports was 99.89 points, up 1.46% on a week-on-week basis and 127.74% on a year-on-year basis. The index R & D Department of Shanghai oil and gas trading center said that international crude oil prices continued to rise last week. Some parts of the United States are in short supply of gasoline due to the closure of the colonial pipeline system. Meanwhile, factors such as the decline of US crude oil inventories and global market concerns about inflation continue to push up oil prices. As of May 7, according to inventory data released by the US Energy Information Agency (EIA) on Wednesday

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