From 100% to 0.002%, Wanda, which withdrew from AMC cinema, focused on China
Original title: from 100% to 0.002%, Wanda Group “focuses on China” which withdraws from AMC cinema. On May 23, Wanda Group issued an official notice to announce that as of May 2021, Wanda Group has all withdrawn from the board of directors of AMC company, only retains a minority stake in AMC company, and has recovered a total of $1.476 billion. According to AMC’s financial data over the years, from 2014 to 2020, Wanda’s accumulated earnings from AMC through shareholder dividends reached 326 million US dollars. In 2018, we will recover US $500 million by transferring shares to Yinhu capital. Based on this calculation, Wanda recovered about $650 million in cash from the sale of the remaining shares. According to the documents submitted by AMC to the securities and Exchange Commission on May 21, Wanda now holds only 10000 shares in AMC cinema

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