The central parity rate of RMB was down 108 points at 6.4408, and the two-way fluctuation will become normal
On May 24, the RMB middle price was at 6.4408, down 108 points. On the previous trading day, the RMB middle price was at 6.4300, and the onshore RMB closed at 6.4337. This week’s novel coronavirus pneumonia: the US heavy economic data released in April will see a lot this week. The EU leaders summit will be held, including the 2030 greenhouse gas emission reduction strategy and the new crown pneumonia epidemic. Germany, France and the United States will update their first quarter GDP data, and the New Zealand Federal Reserve will hold an interest rate meeting or discuss plans to reduce QE. Fed officials will continue to voice intensively, and heavy indicators such as the monthly rate of us personal consumption expenditure (PCE) in April will be released. Zhou Xiaochuan clarified that the misreading of digital RMB did not want to replace the status of the US dollar. Zhou Xiaochuan said that the development of digital RMB is mainly based on the establishment of the US dollar

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