Zhou Xiaochuan: clarifying three misunderstandings of digital RMB
Original title: Zhou Xiaochuan: clarify the three misunderstandings of digital RMB: “we are all on the same boat. Of course, people on the same boat sometimes have different opinions, sometimes there may be disputes on some issues, but after all, they are on the same boat.” At the 2021 Tsinghua Wudaokou global financial forum held on May 22, Zhou Xiaochuan, President of China Society of finance, honorary Dean of Wudaokou School of finance of Tsinghua University and former president of the people’s Bank of China, described the relationship between digital RMB and third-party payment. Zhou Xiaochuan said that China has entered the R & D and pilot stage of DC / EP (Digital RMB). At present, there are many discussions on digital RMB at home and abroad, but there are still many concepts that need to be further clarified, which are mainly reflected in the following three aspects. First, the development of DC / EP is mainly based on China

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